Gift ideas for new moms

We curated a list of practical gift ideas for new moms because according to science, practical gifts often create long-lasting joys for the recipient than the funny or surprising ones. For each idea, we also find the best sellers with the highest ratings on Amazon for your convenience.

Breast feeding supplements

Helps support milk production, offering nutritional support during breastfeeding.

Kindle Paperwhite

Allows new parents to read hands-free in low light while feeding or comforting baby.

Electrolyte packets

Helps keep parents hydrated and energized, especially important during the exhausting postpartum period.

Hand held upholstery cleaner

Ideal for quick cleanups of spills and stains on furniture, crucial for maintaining a clean environment.

Portable bottle warmer

Heats bottles on the go, making it easier to feed baby warm milk while traveling.